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Changing mat cover handmade |

posted 2019 Oct by

handcrafted BabywoodsYeah, I totally get it. You also want to have something nice around the changing mat cover. This styling is also a very important part of your baby's room.

What I ran into when I was decorating my baby's room is that there's so little on offer in changing mat covers. You're walking to the Hema. But then you end up with a cover that just doesn't fit your baby's room. Or they really do cost a lot of money, and you need about 4 to avoid having to wash every day.

That's why I've asked Grandma to sew covers. And went looking for nice fabrics that fit in my baby's room. Yes, a beautiful changing mat cover is a real gem in your room. Especially when it's designed and Grandma sews it herself. That's real baby love.

What I really like in a baby room is waffle cotton. I really love it. Especially the colours and fabrics of Koeka. With this inspiration I designed the waffle cotton covers. In a beautiful beige or green colour, for when you still have the sex of your child as a surprise. And of course the beautiful light pink and light blue color. These are beautifully plain, wonderfully soft and remain very nice in the wash. You can just wash them at 60 degrees if they are very dirty.

Then I have also chosen some nice other fabrics. I have to say that I really like the Pelican Fabric. It comes in pink-green for the girls and grey-green for the boys. But of course I also thought of the mothers who have a real Nordic design in their baby room. For that I designed the black and white with Cactus design. These changing mat covers are also handmade and from the brand Sweet Carolyne.

Handmade and a completely exclusive design and material. These durable fabrics are also softer in structure, it breathes better, but is also more comfortable. These materials are especially fine for babies because their immune system is not yet fully developed. They are therefore also more sensitive to allergies and eczema. Allergic babies tolerate organic cotton better.

The soft Jersey fabric of the cover makes changing very comfortable for the baby. The cover is easy to apply the pillow. If the pillow cover has become dirty, you can easily remove it and wash it at 60 degrees.

Do you feel like it? Order the changing mat cover here in the webshop.

And of course wish you a lot of dress-up fun.
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