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Crochet products from Babywoods are made 100% organic cotton yarn

January 18, 2022 3 min read

Het 100% katoen babywoods navelveter

The crochet rattles and rattles from Babywoods are made of 100% organic cotton. But what exactly is that. I would like to take you to my search of the story behind the type of cotton that we have selected to crochet with.

What is the definition of organic. In Google you can find the following " In the production of organic food and material, the environment and animal welfare are taken into account as much as possible. Organic products are recognizable by the quality marks: EKO, European Organic and Demeter. In general, organic products and non-organic products are just as healthy and safe.

The EKO quality mark is known among foodstuffs, but what is the organic quality mark of cotton?

Organic cotton is certified organic according to the Organic Content Standard (OCS) or Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton is always fully traceable and guarantees to meet all the requirements set by the quality mark. The GOTS quality mark is the best of the best in the country of organic cotton. GOTS sets very strict requirements that also relate in particular to issues such as water use and waste water, use of chemicals, GMOs and labour law.

At Babywoods we choose GOTS certified cotton, then not only is the cotton organic, but the entire production process takes place in an environmentally friendly manner and under good working conditions. With this yarn we contribute to a better world for you and your child.

By reducing the use of resources in production and promoting consciously produced products, Babywoods tries to make a difference in the crochet world.

Global Organic Textile Standard Babywoods Navelveters




the current sustainability challenges and the contribution of the fashion and textile industries to those challenges, we need to collectively rethink the production and consumption of textiles. Organic fibers play a multifaceted role in creating an industry that actively reduces its environmental impact and prioritizes human health over short-term gain. A textile product with the GOTS quality mark must contain at least 70% certified organic fibres, a product with the 'organic' quality mark must contain at least 95% certified organic fibres.

Ecological and social criteria In order to create a truly sustainable textile industry, GOTS evaluates the processing and production of textiles on the basis of both environmental and social criteria

. This means that everything from the chemical inputs used to the ethical treatment of the workers is assessed. To become GOTS certified, it is mandatory to meet

all criteria Covers the entire production process


The standard covers the processing, production, packaging, labelling, trade and distribution of all textiles made from at least 70% certified organic fibres.


The GOTS certification system starts with the first processing step in the textile supply chain. The processing of textiles is based on the conversion of fibre into yarn and yarn into fabric. For cotton, for example, ginning is the first processing phase, in which the seeds are removed from the cotton bulbs. The organic multi-crop, the initial production, is subject to all international or national standards for organic farming approved in the IFOAM family of standards.





certification Organic textiles are based on organic fibers, GOTS certification relates to the processing, production and trade of organic textiles. The certification of fiber production is done on the basis of recognized international standards approved in the IFOAM family of standards.


De gehaakte rammelaars en rammelaars van Babywoods zijn gemaakt van 100% biologisch katoen.


But, what is sustainable cotton?

Sustainable cotton mainly focuses on the socially responsible production of cotton. In concrete terms, this means that a product with the Better Cotton label does not necessarily have to be made of sustainable cotton. It means buying a cotton product from a brand that invests in Better Cotton.

A sustainable cotton farmer meets the 7 criteria of the BCI and may sell the cotton as Better Cotton. Currently, about 19% of all cotton production consists of Better Cotton.

The label may already be used if at least 5% of the total cotton used by a sustainable cotton farmer exists. And there is a goal to use 50% cotton from the Better Cotton chain within 5 years. The BCI label can be used by a brand online and in all their offline communication. It is also put on product packaging to show the commitment and commitment to making the cotton chain more sustainable. There are also companies that design their own sustainability logo associated with BCI, such as Hema with their green, happy leaf for sustainable cotton.


Does Babywoods use organic or sustainable cotton?

We can therefore conclude that sustainable cotton is on its way to a better world, and organic cotton is fully on this path. Babywoods has therefore opted for yarn that is completely organic and GOTS certified.

In short, the crochet rattles and rattles from Babywoods are made of 100% organic cotton.


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