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Read the five tips for a small baby room

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5 tips for a small baby room

You have decided to go for a second baby. Just because you both wanted to. Everything's fine, your pregnancy is running smoothly. There is only one thing. The only obstacle you're dealing with right now is lack of space. You do have a third bedroom, but it doesn't fit everything you want.

Transform every room into a beautiful children's room, a place where you don't just sleep and play, but where there is also a warm feeling of security. Here are some tips for decorating your baby's room.

1 . Choose soft colours

If you give the walls a hard colour, the space will seem smaller. So go for a light wall colour. A Use light colours that reflect the light so that the walls seem to deviate. Gloss paint can also have an enlarging effect because it reflects light. If you paint the wall with mountains, you create depth in the wall. And this also gives a spatial effect.

2. Hanging cradle

And yet another handy space saver: the hanging cradle. Hang it up and you'll still have space underneath to put a cupboard or crate of things, for example. Also handy in your own bedroom if you don't immediately have room for a stand-in cradle. For sale at Birth shop and Wiegje.

3. Rocking chair

The rocking chair is quite a must with the cradle of your child. You can also habitually put it in your own bedroom. Or just put it in your living room. It also looks cosy

4.Wall dresser

Does your baby's room have a sloping roof? Or don't you have room for a chest of drawers? Then a wall dresser arrangement might be a solution for you. Very handy, the chest of drawers fits exactly on 1 metre of wall. And you have the chest of drawers close to your bed. Also easy. Have you finished changing? Then fold it up. You don't have to hang an extra wall shelf, because the chest of drawers has 2 built-in shelves.

5. Nightlight

No space to put a nightlight? Then you can also choose the nightlight. Plug the light into a wall socket and turn the light towards a wall or ceiling so that the light can be projected onto it. The light has a light sensor so that it switches on automatically as soon as it gets dark. Fine soft light and a choice of six different beautiful images of the goodnight dragons, all of which will make children feel safe.

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