Nynke talks about her experience with the wall-mounted table

November 12, 2021 2 min read

Wandcommdoe ervaring nynke

With my hip I lean against the changing table. Her hand clamps around my thumb as I take off her pajamas. Her lungs fill with air and a pruillip announces great sorrow. Two seconds later she cries from the depths of her soul. She is 5 weeks old and the world is tough. Her room is the smallest cubicle in the house, but with the mountains we painted on the wall and a wooden changing table that you can fold up, a place that will hopefully bring her a lot of security. But changing, that remains a bit sad.

The changing table is made with love

The changing table is made with love by my best friend and her husband. When her son was born, it turned out that there were few changing tables on the market for tall people and they designed a changing table that you can hang on the mitten at your height and fold it up again when you are done. A fantastic solution for our small children's room.

The shelves are also handy

On the shelves of the changing table are the washable diapers, the trendy prints have become my new addiction. If you go for a sustainable changing table, then you have to do it really well, we have decided. So we went all the way for sustainability. I fold a fish-patterned diaper around my little one's buttocks. This is the moment she stops crying and looks at me with big eyes. It's done again. When I lift her up I give her a big kiss, what a sweetheart she is. In her crib, she falls peacefully into a deep sleep.


I also fold my laundry on

it I sigh, finally time for the laundry. The changing mat makes way for a large pile of unfolded rompers. Humming, I fold up the laundry. With a large pile of folded laundry between my arms and chin, I walk to the closet. With my free elbow I close the changing table. It's time for the lukewarm tea that has been waiting for me downstairs for half an hour.

Life with a little one, beautiful and quite tiring.





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