Changing table or wall changing table must also be on men's toilet

January 23, 2020 2 min read

The hashtag #squatforchange has gained a foothold after a year. The Instagram post made it to the "Daily News" last year.

Will the Netherlands also become Diaperlief?



It all started with the New York Times article where a mother has the goal of also dividing the division of tasks of the upbringing of the children between husband and wife. This included changing a diaper in public. That in itself is a very nice goal.

Equal rights

This father 3boys_1goal discovered that there is actually no room for that at all. That he was obliged to do this in the ladies toilet. Out of frustration, he started the action #squatforchange. Where he called on all fathers to put a post on Instagram where they squat their child in the toilet change.


Netherlands Diaper lover

Now in New York it is mandatory to hang one in the men's toilet in addition to a changing place in the ladies toilet. Now I am of the opinion that in the Netherlands there are generally not that many changing places for babies.

If you want to change your child in an average shopping center, the locations of changing tables can often be counted on 1 hand. In general, there are not very many changing tables in circulation. The best known in this is the HEMA, where a changing place is set up as standard at every location.

In Belgium, an initiative has recently been started Hasselt diaperlief, in which catering establishments are helped to create changing spaces for children. Nothing is dirtier than having to let your baby walk around in his own poo smell.

We at Babywoods know what that feels like. The goal of Babywoods is also to make the Netherlands a piece of diaper sweet.

That is why we now offer a 50 euro discount on a wall changing table of your choice with the discount code #squatforchange


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