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Panther changing mat cover

Aankleedkussenhoes Panter - Babywoods - Dé Wandcommode specialist!

Panther changing mat cover

  • Panther design
  • cover for changing mat size 50 x 74 x 10 
  • Fabric quality 100% organic cotton

With a Sweet Carolyne changing mat cover you complete your changing mat. The cover is easy to apply the pillow. If the changing mat cover has become dirty, you can easily remove and wash it again. Dressing cushion covers are available in many colors. Choose the changing mat cover that suits your baby's room.

Changing your little one has never been such a party! The changing mat cover is made of delicious cotton. The colourful designs and the perfect fit make this changing mat a real eye-catcher in your nursery.

This selection offers changing mat covers made of organic cotton. Handmade and a completely exclusive design and material. These durable fabrics are also softer in structure, it breathes better, but is also more comfortable. These materials are especially fine for babies because their immune system is not yet fully grown. They are therefore also more sensitive to allergies and eczema. Allergic babies tolerate organic cotton better. 

The organic textile line is not only durable, but is also wonderfully soft, honest and beautiful material for your vulnerable little baby. This way you contribute to a sustainable future for you and your baby...