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Because of our attention to sustainability, we strive to develop functional, durable, high-quality products that last for several years. How we achieve this is partly due to our choice of wood type.

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We only use FSC-approved wood

The wall changing table and wall cabinet collection of Babywoods is only made of FSC approved wood. The wood is sustainable because it is FSC approved. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization dedicated to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide.

The new collection of 2021 wall commodes are made of durable wood. The type of wood is called Pinus elliottii. It is fast-growing coniferous wood has the name coniferous tree P. e. var. Densa . Also called the Slash pine tree. The Slash pine tree and grows in the pine forests of South Florida.

This pine tree is distinguished from the other conifers by the position of the needles that sit together in clusters of 2, 3 or 5. Seedlings of the coniferous tree have a grass stage. This way the seedling remains well protected.


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The Slash pine tree varies from 18 to 30 m high and have an average diameter of about 0.6 m. Large trees are sometimes 36 m high and 0.9 m in diameter. The trunk is straight and upright with a long clear trunk.


What quality of wood do we supply?


Slash pine is known for its unusually high strength. It surpasses a lot of hardwood and is even comparable to very dense woods such as ironwood. Often "ironwood" is used for durable, dark-colored hardwoods, including ebony.


Many pine trees and native plants are adapted to fire, meaning they need fire disturbance to open their pine cones, germinate seeds, and trigger other metabolic processes.



One of the advantages of stripe pine t is that it has a good strength weight ratio. The wood has a similar strength to ebony, but is much lighter in weight.


Dennenappel pijnbopm babaywoods duurzaam

The pine cone of the Slash pine Tree



What about the preservation of the tree species?



Is this tree species endangered? Native plant-flora species classified by conservation status in the International Union. There are two indicators. The Nature-IUCN Red List and Conservation State of Conservation. The conservation status as well as the IUCN Red List of the Slash pine tree is Secure.

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The special power of

conifers is that they retain their green needles during the winter period or even extremely dry periods. For this reason, coniferous trees are honored in various religions.

The veneration of coniferous trees predates Christianity, as evidenced by sites from ancient Greece and Rome.The "evergreen" nature represents the triumph of life over darkness in some Abrahamic religions.

De kracht van de pijnboom


In addition, it has been suggested by some scholars that the first Christmas or Christmas tree was probably a pine or spruce tree intended to symbolize life and protection from evil. (Gwendolyn 2018).



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