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How Babywoods sends the hair products

Why we do not deliver within 1 day..

We receive many questions about the shipments of the wall changing tables of babywoods.

We work with a workshop that sends the orders 1 time a week. We do this from the sustainability point of view. Then we only have to drive a van 1 time per wake-up to pick up the packages. In this time, people have become more and more accustomed to the fact that all packages are delivered within 1 day.

" We strive to deliver high-quality products. "

The Babywoods Wall Commodes and Tiny Desk are made by a studio where people work pedagogically. All packages that are sent undergo an extensive safety checklist before they go into the box. We take the time to do this. This is in order to be able to meet the highest possible quality standards.

The process that a changing table goes through when placing an order on the website is as follows.

  • Order is placed and you will receive an order confirmation The order will be
  • passed on to the warehouse of the wood workshop on Monday.
  • Monday is spent on the extensive quality checklist. In addition, they are prepared in the box for the DPD parcel service.
  • On Tuesday, the packages are picked up by the DPD parcel service.
  • On Wednesday you will receive a message when you can expect the delivery.
  • You will receive the order by Thursday at the latest.

If you want more information about the shipment of your order, please check your tracking code that you have received from the DPD. You can also call the DPD for this. They have all the information about your shipment at hand.

If you do not receive the package on Friday, the shipment is delayed. This can sometimes happen. We therefore advise you to order the wall-mounted changing tables on time, so that you have the space to decorate and finish your baby room in peace.

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