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Rattle Rabbit

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Crochet Rattle Teething Ring Rabbit
✪ You have sent this rattle home for 2.99
✪ Handmade
✪ From 100% organic Cotton

This rabbit rattle and teething ring collection is made of beautiful soft cotton. Handmade, crocheted with the most beautiful colors of soft cotton. The rattle has a nice ring when you shake it. Your child can learn cause effect because there is a bell in the toy. If your child plays with the toy, your child makes a sound. Your child can really like this. So that he can have a good time with a Rattle.
The beaded eyelets of the rattle are completely babyproof attached. This bite ring can be used by the baby from 3 months. Very useful if the first teeth come through.
Your child will often have these toys in his mouth. It is therefore wisely chosen for natural materials.

The Rattle comes in a cotton bag. so you can also give it as a maternity gift.
Wooden bite rings
If you choose wood, you are always safe. This material is 100% child-friendly and natural material. The wooden ring cannot be splintered by its round twist and the type of wood. The strongest type of wood has been used.
The teething ring of Babywoods is crocheted and can be turned with the laundry. This office is pure and can be washed up to 60 degrees.

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