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Tiny Desk Original Edition

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Tiny Desk Original Edition

With this collapsible desk you can quickly and easily create a nice workplace in your own home With the Tiny Desk, that is now very easy to realize. You hang it on the wall in any place you want. This work-from-home desk is ergonomic because you can hang it at any desired height. This also allows you to easily use it as a standing desk. The desk and the slice are equipped with plug notches so that you have power at your workplace.

This work-from-home desk has a Scandinavian look due to the natural hip wood tone. It is its own design, and is produced sustainably in the Netherlands.

This is because this homework desk is made in a wood workshop where people can come to work for their daytime activities. But also because sustainable wood has been used.

What color grip do you choose?

Cognac: Our leather handles are made of high quality leather and provided with a beautiful Cognac color scheme that shows a special and warm glow. The colour matches both a classic and modern décor and a modern modern one. This leather cognac colored handle is matte.

Brown: This brown grip is nice and warm on the changing table. It gives the changing table an authentic look. This handle fits in a warm baby room. This leather brown handle is matte.

Black : The matte black handle is tough! In a black and white baby room, it comes into its own. It is also widely used in Scandinavian baby room.


The desk can be fixed on almost all walls. The included fasteners make this easy. The desk comes standard with 4 plugs, washers and bolts. The desk has 4 pre-drilled holes. These are just below the two shelves, so you don't see them when it's hanging. With the included manual, the attachment is easy.


  • Foldable
  • 2 wall shelves with plug
  • passthrough As a standing desk to the wall To attach
  • Safe hinge construction Maximum load
  • capacity 80kg recommended up to 30kg
  • Socially responsible produced
  • Ergonomically responsible

The space between the shelves is made in such a way that a screen fits between them, without a stand.

Dimensions folding desk

  • Closed : 77x52,5x17cm (wxhxd)
  • Open : 77x52,5x53cm (wxhxd)

Tiny Desk afmetingen

Standard included

  • Manual
  • 4 Bolts and 4 matching rings
  • 4 Standard plugs


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