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Babywoods wandcommode Large professional

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Are you looking for a wall dresser for professional use. Then the babywoods professional line is exactly what you are looking for.

Do you want to make your company more sustainable as an entrepreneur or nursery or playroom? Then choosing a sustainable wall dresser is a step in the right direction. This piece of furniture is made of durable FSC approved wood. In addition, they are produced by a wood workshop with the quality mark.

Suitable for professional use

✓ Catering and hospitality
✓ Hotel
✓ Nursery and Playgroup



Why choose the Babywoods wall dresser

✓ ISO and NEN certified
Hygienic finish of the wood
✓ Suitable for small spaces such as the toilet
✓ The sustainable choice is in line with sustainable business operations
✓ Ergonomic and can be

adjusted at an individual height Features of professional wall changing mode

By adjusting the individual mounting height, you can work in an ergonomic and back-friendly way. The robust finish ensures that the changing table lasts a long time, and the high sides give you extra security and safety. You can choose from different handles designs, and the surfaces are easy and hygienic to clean. The wall changing table is space-saving and yet there is storage space for products on the 2 wall shelves. In addition, you can secure the changing table with a special lock, so that it can never just fold out.


Sizes professional wall dresser





✓ Closed: 97x60x23cm (width x height x depth) ✓Open: 97x60x58cm (width x height x depth)






* Max load capacity: max 80 kg recommended load is up to 30 kg
* Complies with EU guidelines for General Product Safety
* 2-year manufacturer's warranty
* Easy manual
* Comes with: 4 bolts, 4 matching rings and 4 matching plugs




The included mounting materials make wall mounting easy. These are 4 plugs, washers and bolts. The chest of drawers has 4 pre-drilled holes. These are just under the two shelves, so you don't see them when it's hanging. What you need is a drill and tools to tighten the bolts. It is certainly advisable to mount the chest of drawers on a solid wall. Always check before you hang it up if you can easily fold it out.

Did you know that Wandcommode produced with Social Return on Investment (SROI)?

The Babywoods wall dresser contributes to Dutch society. We do corporate social responsibility. All our wall dressers are made by a very special wood workshop in the Netherlands. This is a special wood workshop. It employs people who are at a distance from the labour market. They work here as a meaningful daily schedule. These people do that with a lot of passion and commitment. The wood workshop has a social Return on Investment (SROI). This keeps the wood workshop committed to creating jobs, apprenticeships and internships for people with a distance to the labor market. For example, the government wants to promote that people who have an occupational disability or have been unemployed for a long time have a chance on the labor market again. So that the employees are ultimately ready to join our society again.

Did you know that Babywoods only works with FSC approved wood?

All Babywoods furniture is produced with wood with an official FSC label. FSC stands for "Forest Stewardship Council" It is a globally accepted certification system that guarantees that forests can be preserved through responsible forest management. By this kind of good judgment, we mean the protection of the habitat and the rights of not only the local population, but also of those who work in these forests - both loggers and craftsmen such as foresters (who are planning our next upcoming vacation!). A well-managed forest is less at risk than a forest without FSC approval, because it helps them manage what happens if you harvest too much or cut down certain trees something that everyone needs now more than ever.

Benefits of Babywoods


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Sustainable character


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