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Wall cabinet Large

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Stylish, compact, safe and smart solution for your baby's room

Why this wall cabinet?

Removable :Due to the finish with matt clear lacquer, this chest of drawers is easy to keep clean

Compact : The wall-mounted changing table is foldable and the changing mat fits in it.

Safe : The wall-mounted changing table is ISO and NEN certified.

Circular : The wall-mounted changing table is made of durable wood by people with a daytime activity.

Easy to attach :With the manual and included fittings you can attach this changing table easily and quickly.

Save costs :The furniture will last a lifetime as a changing table or as a desk.

Are you looking for a changing table that is multifunctional, space-saving and durable? Then this wall changing table is perfect for you. You hang the changing table on the wall and fold open and close in one movement. The changing mat fits between the changing table. The chest of drawers has a trendy wood tone, which makes it fit any design.

This WallCommode grows with your family!

Does your little one grow so fast and does he or she become too big for the changing table? No problem! This wall-mounted changing table is multifunctional and can be transformed into a foldable children's desk in no time.


Ensuring safety for your little one is paramount, which is why the high-quality finished wood is sanded in a special way so that sharp edges are completely smoothly rounded. In addition, the hinge is provided with protection on the inside. Finally, the wood is 100% durable and without harmful substances. These characteristics ensure that this WallCommode complies with the official European Product Safety Directives.

Water and dirt repellent Coating

If you want to buy a changing table you can opt for a coating. The protective layer on the changing table makes it water and dirt repellent. The coating is completely colourless. It often happens that if you are going to treat a wooden piece of furniture, the cool white wood tone yellows. This does not happen with the coating of Babywoods. The wood tone of the wall commode is retained. That's an advantage.



Personalize your WallCommode

Make your new WallCommode personal and choose your own color handle. Brown, Cognac and Black.


The changing table can be opened and closed, which is why there are two sizes for the wall-mounted changing table. The closed and the open dimensions.

Closed: 97x60x23cm

Open: 97x60x58cm



✪ 2 years warranty

✪ 30 days right of return

Unique Dutch Design

✪ Ergonomic in use

✪ Max load capacity: 20 kg

Complies with EU Directives for General Product Safety

✪ Easy Manual comes with the changing table

Changing table comes assembled

✪ Comes with: 4 bolts, 4 matching washers and 4 matching plugs


The included fasteners make wall mounting easy. These are 4 plugs, washers and bolts. The changing table has 4 pre-drilled holes. These are just below the two shelves, so you don't see them when it's hanging. What you need is a drill and tools to tighten the bolts. It is certainly advisable to mount the changing table on a solid wall. Always check before you hang it up whether you can easily unfold it.


USP's Babywoods waarom je deze wandcommode echt nodig hebt

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