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Baby, Babywoods and personal growth : Looking back on 2019

December 28, 2019 5 min read


Terugblik 2019 Baby, Babywoods

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What a super eventful year this has been. But, how is it possible that we are already ready for a look back at this year? Like blinking once, and hop the year is over. I think this is one of my favorite blogs. Because this year has been so fantastically beautiful full of surprises lows and victories.

What is most important is that this year I also decided to share my story to inspire you. Because "sharing is caring" and the transformation from mother from one to mother of two is one to never forget.


December 2018 preparing for the arrival of the baby


Afijn, this year I enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner with family and loved ones. Last Year Christmas was 6 months pregnant and I had a fever. Also, I was stuffy and hubby didn't trust it. So on Christmas Eve I was in my XXL Christmas sweater at the emergency room. Which afterwards was not necessary at all, since I just needed some fresh air. which allowed me to breathe a lot better. My allergy was rampant in my bedroom. I had not gotten around to the much needed cleaning. Because... During the same Christmas holiday Joost and I made an attempt to furny the baby's room. So we were completely in renovation.

"When I look back at that moment now, I should have made the baby room in a new room"

Our son Max moved to a new room in January. Our son's move wasn't a very good idea in hindsight. In the following weeks he slept very badly, read we all. Looking back to that moment now, I would have been better off making the baby's room in a new room and letting our sweet Max sleep in his own room without too many changes. All the more so because he already had to experience changes. Anyway, he is currently sleeping wonderfully in his own new bed. And he is overjoyed with his new room.


Pregnancy was sometimes exciting


In January so 6 months pregnant and at that time I was not very sure when that little one would be born. Our baby was very small, especially her head. For this I had to go to the hospital every 3 weeks for an extra ultrasound. Also a good flu over it. Felt super guilty too. But luckily our little girl had little of it and grew steadily on her own line.

"Signing up for the hypnobirthing course is the best choice we made together" At the

beginning of 2019 Joost and I wanted to prepare well for the second delivery and we opted for a hypnobirthing training. Looking back on that training, that is the very best choice we made in 2019. The hypnobirthing course has brought me so much good. And put me as a woman completely in my power.

" The difference with the first delivery is that I had a plan. A plan with what and how I wanted it."


Fleur's birth was on the due date and went according to plan. Exactly as I had suggested. Completely the opposite of my first delivery. How did that happen? The difference with the first delivery is that I had a plan. A plan with what and how I wanted it. Now, the second birth a super beautiful and almost spiritual experience. Fleur was born at home through a water birth. Our newborn Baby was very small but completely zen. She slept super well in the maternity week and built very little. Breastfeeding got off to a good start, but Fleur and I had some problems with hooking up. Fortunately, this was seen quickly and we visited the ENT doctor to loosen her lip and tongue tie a little. This was a small procedure, but in maternity week is quite intense.



When I look back on my maternity week, it was really nice and zen. I had informed my friends family well about what I did and did not want and I had time for myself to recover and enjoy my baby. The rest of my family has also given time to get used to a new baby. Fortunately, my husband was given some extra time to do his work. To assist his new family. That was very nice. It was April and super nice weather. Did you just sit at home and enjoy and enjoy it?



Touring France with a baby in a camper


In June we all went on holiday with the camper. That would have been wonderful with the camper to France. Toured in the Loire and surroundings Bordeaux an intensive holiday. Well enjoyed.


Health in 2019


I slowly started to build up my fitness. However, it does not work out as I had hoped. I suffered from my tailbone and the following week it certainly didn't get any better. I had to confess that I could not come to work and the responsibility of Babywoods lay entirely on the shoulders of my husband. Who just has a 40-hour workweek. When I was after about four weeks? Well, 6 months finding out that I was actually only going downhill instead of getting better I went back to my doctor and asked what next options were. I then went to a rehabilitation doctor in the hospital in Alkmaar.He guided me super well in the process in which I went to the pain clinic. Which means that I can sit very well again at the moment.


The developments of Babywoods


In October I was with Babywoods at the "In the clouds festival". We had two changing units and where all the babies of the festival were changed. Got so much inspiration again. So many nice people talked to and met . This has given me even more strength to continue with Babywoods.

Mission accomplished

The Mission of 2019 to give even more children a nice place to be changed. Not only with his home, but also from the Netherlands. Has been achieved. but in 202 that can of course be even better. Especially because I think there is still room for improvement in terms of places where you can change your child. If you are shopping that, I think it is quite limited where you can go with your children to have a drink and provide your baby with a clean diaper.


I hope you enjoyed my blog. Thank you for reading my review of my life in 2019. Thank you again for wanting to be a part of my life and of my story. I'm ready for a New Year for 2020 my question is if you are too.



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