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5 reasons to choose a wall-mounted baby changing table

October 01, 2019 2 min read

5 redenen om voor een wandcommode te kiezen

Save valuable space

The changing table can be hung on the wall and foldable. This creates more freedom of movement in your baby's room. And the room looks optically larger. Do you have a sloping wall you have your room? Then the wall-mounted changing table is the ideal solution. The babywoods wall changing table has already made many mothers happy with the self-designed wall commode.

My first children's desk

The beauty of the wall changing table is that it can also be used as a children's desk after the diaper time. Is your baby out of diapers? Then you mount the changing table at a lower point on the wall, and hop you have a children's desk. This makes the babywoods wall changing table multifunctional.

Mother + child-friendly

A newborn can't see far yet. Usually no further than the bottom of your elbow. So if you're holding your baby, your baby can just see your face, or its contours. Attach the changing table at a personal height. So that's a little lower than the bottom of your elbows. Then your baby, especially in the beginning, can continue to follow you. The child can keep a close eye on you when you dress or change him. And will like this very much and therefore laugh rather than cry. The changing table is therefore very suitable for newborns. Just as nature designed your baby, we have adapted the wall changing table accordingly.

Durable + handmade

The changing table is real handicraft and made of certified fast-growing wood. In addition, a product process has been developed in which there is a minor loss of wood. With smart sawing schedules and good material planning and minimal transport. The wall-mounted changing table of babywoods also contributes to Dutch society. We do corporate social responsibility. The changing tables are made in a Dutch woodworking workshop

where all people work under supervision. Making the wall-mounted changing table is a meaningful daytime activity. This is done under the guidance of professionals. Given these factors in the choice of material, the design and the development of the product, this wall-mounted table can be called cradle to cradle or sustainable. This way, every wallcommode is unique, and specially made for you.

Ergonomically sound

This changing table is recommended by recognized pelvic floor physiotherapists. The collapsible changing table is perfect for mothers who have just given birth. Because you can attach the changing table to the wall at the desired height. And yes, the good news is that this prevents back pain. Do you perhaps suffer from pelvic instability? Are you on your toes or bending over changing your baby? Are you tall, or do you have short legs? Then this changing table is really ideal.