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Horizontal or vertical changing?

July 03, 2022 1 min read

Horzontaal of verticaal verschonen met de wandcommode van babywoods

Why should you choose a horizontal or vertical wall changing table? I get to hear that question regularly. And it's also a tricky one.

Of course, you can make a consideration based on space. Then the vertical wall commode is the narrow. But thicker than the wall-mounted medium. This is quite thin when you fold it up.

But there are also ergonomic considerations. What is better for your body after childbirth or cesarean section? I have presented the issue to the pelvic floor physiotherapist who works together with the NVFB (Dutch Association for Physiotherapy for Pelvic Problems and Pre- and Postpartum Health Care).

In the hospital, she teaches maternity women to change their baby vertically. This is because you are standing right in front of the changing table and you do not have to turn your body. As a result, there is minimal tension on the abdominal muscles. These should be relieved especially after childbirth.

If your child gets a bit bigger, he will become more and more mobile. You will notice that your child will not automatically stay on the changing table. With the vertical changing table you have less control over your child than with the horizontal changing table.

If you want to play it safe, choose the wall-mounted changing table vertically.