Miss Brown’s favourites - Babywoods Wandcommode

November 12, 2021 2 min read

We asked Miss Brown to give some answers to questions about the wall changing table. Watch the review video about her experience with the wall-mounted table here.

What did she write about her search for a sustainable baby room?

" We wanted a natural baby room. Light materials and furniture made of durable wood. Wood that looks unprocessed. Pinterest and Instagram flood you with images of great baby rooms, but in practice the furniture was hard to find. Like a true Sherlock I scoured the web in search of a changing table, bed, crib and wardrobe. And everywhere you see complete baby rooms in white, black and gray, but natural and then also sustainable? I didn't find it. Not a completely sustainable baby room for us, but carefully selected furniture. Including a durable changing table from Babywoods. "

Miss Brown's favourite

After I saw the changing table at the baby fair, my choice was quickly made. Now I have to get my husband Jesper excited. In terms of material and appearance, that didn't seem like a problem. However, the fact that the changing table would have to be mounted on the wall could sometimes raise some critical questions. And they did indeed come. Because yes, the changing table looked nice and fit in the room, but was it also sturdy enough to hang? Would the wall hold up? Fair enough.

ophangen babywoods wandcommode

Our choice

Our baby room is quite small, so a 'normal' changing table would take up a lot of space. That's why this folding wall-mounted changing table is perfect. You hang it on the wall, at the desired height, and then fold it up again so that you create more space. We have chosen the wall-mounted changing medium with cognac handle



Miss brown

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