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Which wall do I hang a wall dresser on?

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On which wall do I hang a wall dresser?

You made a good choice and chose a wall dresser solution. You can hang it in the baby's room, bathroom, toilet or treatment room. Then on to the next step.

Pick a wall to which you want to attach the chest of drawers. When doing so, look for a solid wall. For example, a supporting wall. A plaster wall is not suitable for mounting. The supplied plugs are not suitable for this either. But how do you know what a supporting wall is? The supporting wall is an indispensable element in your home because, as the name suggests, these walls have a supporting function.

4 tips for locating a solid wall:

1: The place in your home : In general, you can assume that a supporting wall supports another important element in your home. What should you think about then? Take, for example, the stairs and the load-bearing floors of a possible upper floor. Nine times out of ten, facades and exterior walls are also load-bearing walls. Also take a look at whether parts of the house have been built. So a former outside wall may have become an inside wall, which still supports the construction of the house.

2: Bearing walls can sometimes also be recognized by specific characteristics. For example, a supporting wall always consists of strong materials. The wall in question must have sufficient strength to perform a supporting function. You can think of limestone or a brick wall. In general, a supporting wall is at least twenty centimetres thick.

3: Are the original beams visible in your house? Take a good look, and where, they run. Beams generally carry a large part of the weight. The wall on which or against which a beam lies has a supporting function.

4: Another way of recognising a supporting wall is when it continues to the next floor.

Still no idea? Then consult construction drawings of your house. If you don't have these, you can usually request them from the municipality. Or ask a specialist.

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