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Prediction of the Covid-19 Baby Boom

November 02, 2020 2 min read

Voorspelling van de coronavirus  Babyboom

Are we now dealing with cheerful after-effects here?


In my environment it is clear. Many couples currently have a baby that was made in the lock-down of the first Corona wave in March this year. Those pregnant ladies are often calculated in December 2020 to the beginning of 2021. Pregnancy courses are full and the midwife here in the village is working overtime.

What do the figures say

But is this true? Here are a few things at a glance. In the Netherlands, an average of about 160 to 210 thousand babies are expected per year according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. The exception was the post-war baby boom. In 1946, an absolute birth record was set with 284 thousand births.

If we look at this year's figures through October, we are already at 169,680 children in 2020. Then we still have 2 months to go with an average of 15,000 children per month. Which is already higher than last year's monthly average. To add another 30,000 children, we are at 190,000 children in 2020 compared to the 169,680 of 2019. That is quite a number more than last year, and then we have not yet taken into account the second wave that may still be coming.

More time for each other

Why that is mainly because couples have been closer together than ever for a longer period of time. You and your partner are in self-isolation. There is full focus on each other, and the rest of the world was on the back burner for a while. So as a couple you really have more time for each other, and to dive between the sheets together.

Less stress

It has been proven that you have a greater chance of getting pregnant if you are less stressed. Because you have less to leave the house together, you have more time to relax. This relaxation benefits your fertility.

Or more stress?

Another reasoning is that in times of stress you are more inclined to seek affection and safety together. And this out of sight than in more sex couples. The corona period can bring more stress, and so it is likely that people share deklakens with each other more often than usual.

More time to work on your relationship

Because you spend more time together, you also have more time to give each other attention. To start a good conversation or to make plans together for the additional costs. This is also a reason why couples have made that choice together earlier in the lock-down period.

More time for intimacy

The travel time that you needed every day to go to work, you win, as it were, during this period. But also spend the time deep on maintaining social contacts. This also allows us to put more time into our intimacy within the relationship.
So funny that this new generation is already referred to as Generation Coronials. Personally, the term Generation Covid-19 appeals to me more. In any case, I am very curious whether the prediction is correct. And of course what next year will bring us.