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The best tips for choosing a changing mat.

January 10, 2021 4 min read

de beste tips voor het kiezen van een aankleedkussen

The babywoods wall changing table is specially designed for a changing mat with the maximum size of 50 x 10 x 72 cm. Choose a pillow with two raised edges. The changing mat with three raised edges such as the IKEA VÄNDRA is not suitable for the wall-mounted changing table.

Which changing mat should you choose? Yes, and here too choice stress. You use a changing mat every time you change or dress up your child. It can be used during the entire diaper period (0-3 years). So you want to buy the right one at once. Different sizes are available. Don't panic, here's a top 10 with the changing mats in a row. Read the reviews quickly so that you no longer have to look for the perfect changing mat. We have a winner who has been tested best and a best buy winner.

Another fun fact. All Babywoods covers fit perfectly to the tested changing mats.

1 Bébé-Jou changing mat *Best tested

What we like is the following. The cover and the ventilated foam are made of environmentally friendly and safe materials, of course free of harmful substances (Öko-tex and Toxproof certified). This changing mat has a generous size of 44 x 72 x 9 cm! It is made of a high elastic PU comfort foam for longer service life and comfort retention. The particularly pressure-reducing properties provide extremely comfortable support for your baby's head and neck. Here you pay of course for an average of 22.95 euros.

2 Prenatal changing mat cover *Best buy

Prenatal changing mat to dress, care for and wash your child. The cushion is 45 x 67 x 9 cm and made of soft material so that your child is comfortable. Changing mat covers are available separately and can be found here. The price is 9.99. Material foam, which is very good for the newborn child. The raised edges have a round, friendly design and keep your baby safe in the middle.

3 Koeka - Changing mat 'Time to Change'

The Koeka changing mat is a wonderful must have. The changing mat is sturdy and has raised edges so that the baby stays well. The changing mat has a Koeka logo on the side and the top is printed with a Koeka flower with the text "It's time to change". We really liked it. The dimensions: 44 x 72 x 9 cm fit perfectly in the large and medium wall-mounted changing table. Here you pay of course for an average of 22.95 euros.

4 Done by Deer - Changing mat

It has a polyether foam filling that is wonderfully comfortable for your little one. Because of the non-slip layer on the bottom, you never have the problem that the cushion will slide and on the top of the cover an acrylic layer has been processed so that it does not leak quickly. If you want to wash the cover, that is no problem because it is easily removable by means of a zipper on the side. Dimensions: 50 x 65 cm we found a bit short. Material: 100% cotton Oeko-Tex certified with acrylic layer (free of PVC). Is a nice product choice. You pay here for about 49.95

5 Hema changing mat

Cover Changing mat, for changing and dressing your baby. The description on the website is without too much fuss. Dimensions are 47 x 74 x 9 cm. All Babywoods covers fit perfectly around this changing mat. The pillow is not too wide, which fits well on the changing table. And nice and long in relation to other changing mats. It is also nice and soft inside. Also because of the price we give this pillow a 4th place. Because the cushions are only for sale in the larger Hema stores. And you pay online shipping costs up to 30 euros.

6 Basicline washing pillow from baby park

This washing pillow is available in white and black. Nice that you can choose from this. The white color becomes a bit faded over time. So black is not such a crazy idea. The washing pillow also provides easy support for the baby's head and neck. This pillow is not that expensive and yet comfortable.

7 Jollein- Changing mat - White

The pillow is particularly soft and comfortable. Thanks to the plasticized upholstery, you can easily wipe the changing mat with a cloth. The pillow is 50 cm wide and 70 cm long. Thanks to the raised raised edge, this changing mat is extra safe. The price of 19.95 euros quality ratio we found this pillow worth a 7th place.

Hopefully this blog has helped you make the right choice when it comes to a changing mat. Would you like to wish you a lot of fun with the purchase.

Travel tip : Babywoods changing mat covers

Are you ready for a changing mat cover with a nice print? Anything other than terry cloth or waffle fabric? Then you are at the right site at Babywoods. We provide covers with a different print than usual.
Because yes, you still have to do a number of years with your cover. Most children are fully potty trained around the age of three or four. You can wash our covers often without the fabric becoming faded or shrinking. just at 60 degrees if you want. They are also made slightly more spacious so that they fit around any cover. View our changing mat covers that

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