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How to determine the correct height of the changing table

July 02, 2022 2 min read

ergonomisch ophangen


What is the height of a changing table?

The average working height of a standard changing table is between 90 and 105 cm. By determining the height of a wall dresser, you can determine the height yourself.

This is how you hang the wall changing table ergonomically The

wall changing table is advised by pelvic floor physiotherapists. This is because it is an ergonomic wall unit. You can hang it exactly at the perfect height for you.

" Especially after giving birth, it is very important to pay close attention to your posture"

Make sure you have a healthy working posture, even if you are standing on your socks and just getting out of bed. An ergonomic wall dresser takes into account the individual needs of the caretaker. This is optimal for a healthy work and living environment. Especially in the period after your delivery or perhaps during your second pregnancy with another child in diapers, it is very important that you pay attention to your own body and take good care of yourself.


If you hang the wall dresser in the right way, it is nice for your body. And of course good for your back. You put minimal strain on your body as a result. Read how you can hang the wall changing table at the right height for a number of steps.

hoogte commode

Ergonomic use To ensure optimal use

of the changing table, it is important to read these usage recommendations carefully. In order to ensure sufficient standing and movement space, the wall changing table is in principle intended for right-handed and left-handed caretakers (m/f).

Basic rules:

  • Unfold the wall dresser
  • Put all the items you need for changing at your
  • fingertips Dressing kisses close to the back (when changing transversely)




Horizontal change

    • Always leave the child as close to the edge as possible so that you do not have to work overstretched. The caretaker (m/f) stands with his feet wide and with the legs next to each other or in a walking position. In the walking position, the caregiver (m / f) can optimally use her / his legs and weight displacement from the front to the back leg

    is possible Height adjustment Make sure that each caregiver (m / f) takes the time to determine the correct height adjustment

    • and possibly mark it. Determine the height by standing with relaxed shoulders and lifting only the forearm. The top of the changing mat, where the child lies, may be adjusted to 5 to 10 cm below elbow height.
    hoogte commode
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