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The five best tips to hang a wall-mounted table

July 01, 2022 2 min read

5 ophang tips voor de babywoods wandcommode

Congratulations, if all goes well you have received the wall changing table. The baby's room is almost finished with this piece of furniture! The baby may come. But what now, how do you hang it? Here are the five best tips to safely mount it on the wall.

What do you need? The 4 included plugs, bolts and washers., cordless drill, vacuum cleaner, roll size and the expectant mother and a few extra hands.

1. Choose a Solid Wall

Choose a solid wall where the chest of drawers prefers to hang a supporting wall. Read here how to check that.

2. Determine the height

Determine the height of the changing table. The point here is that if you put your baby on the changing mat of the changing table, your elbows have an angle of 90 degrees. But how do you do that? Stand with your back against the wall and draw the bottom of your elbows. Then go down 7 cm and then you have the line where you want to have the lid of the wall changing table. Draw two light dashes with pencil. Pay attention to whether you are standing with your shoes or bare feet. Measuring with shoes with heels is not a good idea. This way you stand with a straight back behind the changing table. Because you often put your baby in this place, it is certainly important that the changing table hangs at the right height.

3. Mark the boreholes

Draw off the boreholes. This is easiest when you are just the two of you. Unfold the wall frame and aim the bottom at the imaginary line you just made. Now draw the 4 drill holes with pencil.

4. Drill the holes for

Drill with a cordless drill the holes in the wall where the plugs come in. Be careful not to hit any pipes and put the plugs in. A vacuum cleaner is also useful to directly suck up the drilling dust. Use the four plugs bolts and washers that come with the changing table. They are exactly tailored to size, making hanging easy.

5: Hang the changing table on

Gum the pencil stripes of your wall. Put the ring around the bolt, and turn it into the plug. Well with the changing table in between hey :) And do this 4 times.

Voila the wall changing table hangs. Wish you a lot of dress-up fun. And if you hang the changing table, I think it's very cool if you send a photo for our Lookbook.

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