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Press release How Babywoods started

February 23, 2021 3 min read

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PRESS RELEASE : How Babywoods started

This is the founding story of our own company. I would like to share with you why I designed these wall commodes.

Who am I

Hey hello, I am Melanie van Hagen, entrepreneur married and mother of Max of 4 years and Fleur of 2 years. I love honest sustainable products and set up my own sustainable children's furniture line. I prefer to spend my free time with my family. You can often find me on a sailboat or in the forest.


What do I do


Since 2016 I am the owner of, I design wooden smart wall solutions for the children's room and sell the changing tables, desks and accessories through my webshop.


Why a wall-mountedchanging table


My company was founded during my first maternity week. In 2016 I gave birth to my son, because of my delivery I suffered from pelvic instability where I was advised to walk as few stairs as possible. Joost, my husband, made the first model wall changing table as a maternity gift and hung it on the toilet so that I did not have to walk upstairs to change our son.

He received plenty of compliments from maternity care and midwives. They also told me that there may be more parents interested in this handy product


Where do I do that


First period we handmade the wall commodes ourselves. The interest was enormous, we could no longer handle the many requests and started looking for a suitable supplier.

Important in our search was that the wall-mounted commodes contribute something to society and strive for a sustainable production process. Using sustainable materials.


At the moment, several people with a professionally supervised day care make our wall commodes with pleasure.



Features wall-mounted changing


table Space-saving

The changing table is foldable and therefore space-saving. On the 2 wall shelves you can store the care items. Nice to efficiently decorate your baby's room.


As a desk


After the diaper time of about 3 years, you can attach the changing table lower to the wall so that you can also slide a chair on it. The wall-mounted changing table can then be used as a children's desk.




To guarantee quality, all our wall-mounted table models are ISO and NEN certified. The wall-mounted commodes comply with European safety legislation.




The manual of the wall-mounted changing table describes exactly how you can hang a changing table ergonomically. This way you have the changing table hanging at exactly the right height. The changing table is therefore advised by recognized pelvic floor physiotherapists.


Often you only use the changing table in your baby's room for about three years. Then your child is ready for a toddler room with often a larger closet. You don't have to put the wall-mounted changing table away like a drawer, you use it as a desk. During the study period, your teenager can even study it. You simply re-attach it to the deed height. You'll save the cost of purchasing several desks during your child's development. Quite cheap and sustainable.




Last but not least. The commodes are made locally and assembled by hand. The wood we use is certified. This is Dutch Design.


Atmospheric photos


The photography was done by Eva de Bruin of Not everyone knows Eva. Perhaps you can mention that in the photos. Link

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