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The O pine tree, O pine tree confusion

November 27, 2021 2 min read

Okey, listen, I'd like to put the following to you... How long have you been singing 'O Denneboom, O Denneboom what are your branches wonderfully beautiful' during the holidays.

De O denneboom, O denneboom verwarring

To get you into the Christmas spirit, I have a spotify link to the song. Now I'm going to find out how that works. Because if you stand at the Christmas tree sale, there are always Northmen and blue spruce for sale. These are spruces, not pine trees.

What is the difference between a Dane and a Spruce?

The scientific name for Pine or pine Pinus and for the Spruce is that (Picea) and for the Silver Fir is that (Abies). The name Den has become a collective name for the various species from the pine family (Pinaceae). The spruces can be distinguished from the pines (Pinus) because the needles in spruce are single. In pines, the needles are two or sometimes more together. The needles of the pine are round and those of the spruce are flat. The wood that is extracted from the norway spruce is spruce. The wood that is made is called pine. The name of the wood of the fir is called pine. If we want to sing it correctly, it should sound like "O silver fir, O silver fir singing, or "O blue-e-fir, O blue-e-spruce". But of course we don't do that in a traditional way.

Optuigen  van een kerstboom


Why do we put the Christmas tree in the living room at Christmas?


Good question, why you decorate a tree at Christmas. The answer is soon quite simple , it is a tradition. The veneration of Pine trees predates Christianity. It was already a custom of the Pagans. They took a tree out of the forest and put it in the middle of the Market Square. She also decorated this tree. The pine tree symbolizes love, wealth, birth health, fertility, etc.

Some scholars have researched that the first Christmas tree was probably a spruce tree, intended to defuse evil and symbolize life (Gwendolyn 2018). The "evergreen" nature of pines, which allows them to maintain their green foliage during the winter or dry seasons, also represents the triumph of life over darkness.

De O denneboom, O denneboom verwarring

Does the Christmas tree tradition exist only in Christianity?

The pine tree tradition is widespread. The traditions of Japan, China and Korea share a veneration of the pine tree as a source of longevity. The Shinto faith also has the pine tradition.

"During New Year's Day, pine twigs on bamboo trunks are attached to doors."

This creates a gate (Kadomatsu) for the gods to bless the earthly inhabitants. On the picture you can see an example of this. On the picture you can see an example of this. It looks like a kind of Christmas piece.



From the perspective of tree wisdom, you can learn the following from the Christmas tree. From its high position above the tops of most other trees, the pine tree reminded the peoples of antiquity of the importance of taking the overview and encouraging objectivity and foresight.

Bomen wijsheid pine tree wisdom

We are advised to purge ourselves of negativity, not to dwell on mistakes and not to point the culprits. The den is a symbol of the spirit and the birth of spirituality.