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The 10 best tips for choosing the right changing table

November 15, 2022 7 min read


10 Tips om geld te besparen bij het kopen van een commode

How nice that you are going to decorate your baby room. You are probably super happy with your pregnancy. How beautiful it is that a child grows in your belly that you will soon be able to take care of. yet it also brings with it the necessary worries. You are faced with the task of setting up a baby room. What do you have to think about. as an expectant parent you go through that process which is fun but also what uncertainty can bring. What do you have to take into account when choosing yes changing table for your baby's room. Here is a list of 10 tips to help you make the right choice.


1 How long do you use a changing table


The changing table is of course used immediately at the birth of your child. Or for grandparents, from the moment you can babysit the baby. You dress your child on the changing table and change the diaper, Also after bathing and showering you dry your child. but you will also change the necessary diapers on the changing table. The furniture will be used intensively. At some point you can dress your child if he can stand and walk. But for changing the diapers you will need the changing table for a long time. until the moment your child is potty trained. That is between 3 and 4 years in the age. At the age of 4 they go to primary school and your child must be able to go to the toilet independently. Around 3 years your child will also use another bed and you are ready for a toddler room and the changing table becomes unnecessary.

2 What height should I choose for an ergonomic changing table

Because you dress your child most often in the evening and in the morning, you will notice that when using the changing table you do not walk on your heels or shoes but socks or slippers on your bare feet. The best thing for your russian is that when you stand in front of the changing table you can dress your child with your arms at an angle of 90 degrees. This is different for everyone because everyone has their own spring.


You can buy changing tables in different heights ranging from 85 and 105 cm high.


Perhaps a bit difficult to measure with your growing belly. To choose the right height changing table I have an easy tip. Take a ball of rope and roll it out to the ground, stand with your foot on the tip. Cut the string in your hand if you have formed a 90-degree angle with your arm. Now you can measure the string with a centimeter. Now you have determined your ideal working height, take 5 cm off, for the height of the changing mat, and you have determined the ideal height for the changing table itself.


3 What aspects of safety should I take into account


Safety is one of the most important elements in the baby's room. as a new parent you naturally want to make the right choices. Also when choosing a changing table. You want to avoid the most common dangers. You want to create a safe living environment for your child. The most common accidents with a changing table is that you walk away from the changing table yourself. So make sure you never walk away from your child, he or he is on the changing table. In addition, it is useful if you have the necessary clothing and changing items within reach. a good tip can be to prepare the clothes for your child when you get dressed before you put him or her on the changing table. for example, always hang a nice package ready. That is also so useful for your partner or babysitter who is not always aware of the weather and the clothing size of your child. Or that your child takes with you if you want to grab something quickly.

5 How do I set up a changing table handy

On the changing table belongs a nice changing mat. there are a lot of them in circulation and also read my blog with tips for choosing a good changing mat here .

Then it is useful to have a shelf above the changing table where you can hang some clothes. So that you always have it at your fingertips. That saves some searching in the clothes drawer or closet.


To change your child you need different things. The basis is diaper buttock wipes and buttock cream. Optionally, you can opt for diaper bags, so that you can throw them away odorlessly. Then for the care of your baby you have body cream and body oil. But also a comb for the hairs and nail scissors is useful to have nearby. In addition to the changing table, it is nice to have a good diaper bucket. So that you can clean up the diaper mess immediately.


4 Where do I put the changing table in my baby's room

The best place of your changing table depends on the décor and space of your baby's room. You will notice that you often lift your child out of bed and put it on the changing table. And that you first put your child on the changing table and then in the bed. So choose a central place in the baby's room where you can easily walk to and from.

Also think of good light so that you can see your child well when dressing and undressing. This can be useful in recognizing diaper rash or certain teething problems or ticks

6 What color do I choose for my changing table What color chest of

drawers do you choose. For your child it is important that there are not too many stimuli in the room. Therefore, preferably choose light, calm colors. Don't worry too much. You have different colors of changing tables. There are wood-colored, white, gray and even black commodes. You can choose a baby room set where everything fits together. If you want a unique baby room, you can choose some furniture yourself. Also, people often choose to buy a blank piece of furniture and paint it in the color of your baby's room.

7 What type of changing tables are there

There are different types of changing tables on the market.

You can choose a standing or hanging changing table. A hanging changing table is often called a wall changing table and has the advantage that you save space. Ideal for the smaller baby room. In addition, this is also a good choice for the long term. You can use the wall changing table after the diaper time of 3 years in the toddler room or living room as a desk. You have a standing changing table with and without drawers. The drawers are useful for storing clothes and diapers.


First, it is useful to know whether you prefer to change horizontally or vertically. In this article you can extensively find the pros and cons of the two ways of changing.



8 What does an average changing table cost?


The expenses for a changing table vary quite a bit. Remember that you can use the changing table for several children if you plan to do so. So if you want two children, you use the changing table for about 6 years.

If you choose a wall-mounted changing table that you will also use as a desk, you can continue to use the wall unit for life. first as a changing table, as a children's desk and later as a study place for your adolescent in his student room.

the cost of a changing table at the Prenatal is between 250 and 525 euros. The cost of a changing table at ikea is for sale from 24.95, then you really have a bare furniture. The prices at Babypark vary between 165 - 540 euros. Petite Amelie offers changing tables from 169.95 to 340 euros. The wall changing tables of babywoods vary between 179.95 and 300 euros. The baby stall has similar prices from 169.95 to 500 euros.

9 What brands of changing tables are there

There are a lot of baby room brands that you can buy in the different baby stores. For example, at prenatal the room Anouk, Loire or Mirko. But Bopita is also a very well-known brand. The Myllra is niu at Ikea, although I find the overhang inconvenient. In front of your cabinet you have to dive under your changing table shelf. Not really ergonomic and handy just after your delivery.

10 Tips to save money when buying a changing table

If you buy a changing table, remember that you only use it for a limited period of time. That he then becomes a bit redundant. It is more convenient to invest your money in a good wardrobe where you can also store your children's clothes in the long term. Or if possible, buy that a changing table that is multifunctional. For example, the wall-mounted changing table can be used very well as a desk at a later time in childhood. That's super handy. Instead, choose real wooden furniture, which you can store again and paint again in the color of the room. Most furniture nowadays is made of laminated wood, which breaks down quickly, and you can not easily paint over or renovate.

Of course, you can also just buy your baby's room on marketplace if it is no longer used. On marketplace there are also a lot of second-hand baby room furniture for sale.

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