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Your first Mother's Day 2023

March 21, 2021 3 min read

Je eerste Moederdag 2021 What kind of wishes do you have for Mother's Day this year? Will this be your first Mother's Day? I am happy to help you on your way. Here are some tips

to make this day a homely party. Fun activities, craft inspiration and actions. Read on.

Surprise breakfast Start the day with a surprise breakfast. You can of course order a breakfast

to support the local entrepreneur. But of course you can also get started yourself. Think of the Danarol that you can make yourself with your children. Of course, a freshly squeezed juice of orange juice can not be missing for the necessary vitamins. Also find nice recipes here, think of toast with strawberries with brie. The water is already in my mouth! Are you pregnant? Then let us know your preferences. These can sometimes differ from your normal taste concept.

Original Mother's Day activities

What is fun to do is a treasure hunt with your children through nature. Looking for birds and other elements from the forest that you may encounter. On the website of natuurmonumenten you will find marked nature tours for children. On Pinterest you will find these a4 format treasure hunts that you can do in any forest. If you have a baby in your arms on Mother's Day, you might be able to do this scavenger hunt with Dad.
A second tip is to view the bulb fields in the region. That is an outdoor activity, and there are plenty of bulb fields in our country.

Something fun for Mother's

Day crafts Children who are at daycare will often do something for you for Mother's Day. Give your child the opportunity to give this on Mother's Day. I myself found out that my toddler couldn't wait to give the craft, and that this was always handed over immediately. Nevertheless, it is nice for your child to be able to hand over something on the special Mother's Day. My proposal was always to hide it from me for a while. And then agree that I hadn't seen it yet. At home you can of course also paint a nice painting for the Grandmothers. Or if your child is a bit older, make a nice poem for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day flowers Say it with flowers

, especially on Mother's Day. Around May you can buy the first peonies again, you can enjoy them for a long time and are super beautiful and available in different colors. Especially the peonies with the salmon color are beautiful. Of course there are also many other spring flowers available such as ranunculus, anemones and tulips. These flowers are beautiful and stay beautiful in the vase for a long time. What is very popular in this day and age are dried flowers or even dried flowers. You can get some inspiration here prior to your visit to the flower shop.

Mother's Day promotion There are many stores that have a promotion

around the Mother's Day period. Babywoods also has an action running in the week from 1 to 9 May. In this week you can enjoy various fun promotions and discounts on the wall changing tables and changing mat covers. This way you can choose a beautiful Mother's Day gift relatively cheaply.


Mother's Day gift idea Do you already have a mother's day gift idea



? Do you already have inspiration for nice mother gifts? For the first Mother's Day it is very nice to give a mother's day bracelet. This is a mother-child bracelet that are the same. You can contact these MAIAJewels for this. For example, a more expensive gift can be a photo shoot of your family. It always does that well.



You should now have a fully completed Mother's Day waiting for yourself. Full of the best gift tips, activities, flowers and promotions. I'm sure this mother's day can't be broken anymore!








Hi hi there, I'm Melanie van Hagen, mother of 2 young children, a mac and tea fanatic. Who is always up for a nice conversation. I started Babywoods.nl 3 years ago and came up with and designed the furniture line with smart wall solutions myself. I have been selling these wall chests and cabinets for about 3 years now through our website www.babywoods.nl



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If you have any great tips for mother's day false addition to this blog, please let me know!




Send me an email to info@babywoods.nl





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