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Belly button lace or belly button clamp what makes the difference?

August 10, 2020 2 min read

Many women do not know that at the birth of their child they have a choice for the type of material they use for clamping the umbilical cord.

By default, a navel clamp is conjured up. This is included in your maternity package that you receive from your health insurance. This is a 6 cm clamp that is also used for sealing sandwich bags.

A soft and durable alternative is to tie the umbilical cord with the umbilical lace. You tie the umbilical lace around the umbilical cord with two surgeons. I call this the navel bow for the sake of convenience. The belly button lace is just as tight as a belly button clamp, because this knot is also used in operations.

Before you close the umbilical cord, it is very important that the umbilical cord can knock out well, so that the natural closing mechanism (jelly from Wharton) can do its job from the inside and helps to close the umbilical cord.

Tie the belly button lace a little further away from the baby's belly, so that there is room for the natural closing mechanism.

Do you have to tie the belly button lace yourself?

Your midwife knows the surgeon's knot and can tie the umbilical lace for you. Discuss this with your midwife in advance. Then she knows what your wishes are. Also in the hospital people know the surgeons button, so every midwife can do that for you.

You can also choose to let your husband do this. Personally, my husband thought this was a beautiful and special moment to do. Knoting the belly button.

How to tie the belly button lace?

First of all, it is always important that you let the umbilical cord beat out as long as possible. The longer, the nicer the start for your child.

What are you going to do? You make 2 surgical knots to close the umbilical cord.

Button 1 :

  1. Put the umbilical lace around the umbilical cord
  2. You mix the ends of the lace 2 times instead of 1 time as with a start of your shoelace or flat button. As a result, the knot is secured and cannot slide.
  3. Tighten the knot with policy.
  4. On top of the surgical knot, make another flat simple knot to fix it. Tie the knot with policy.

Button 2 :

  • Remove the lace ends to the bottom of the umbilical cord
  • Make a surgical knot here with the flat knot on top. Tie the knot with policy.
  • Cut off the end of the belly button lace to a comfortable length and unbutton the end.
  • Now the umbilical cord can be cut between the umbilical lace and placenta.

Image button 1: